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Access Management

Computing Accounts for ITS-Supported Services

Are you new UVA faculty, staff, or student?

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Faculty and Staff: Certain schools and departments provision computing accounts internally; check with your department first.

Computing Accounts for ITS-Supported Services

Most Commonly Used ITS Computing Accounts

Computing Account / What It’s For Affiliation How to Get It


Gatekeeper between users and websites, services, or applications at UVA that need to know and verify user identity before granting access. NetBadge is not an ITS computing account.

(View more NetBadge info)

Current faculty, staff, contractors

Applicants, newly admitted & current students

Former UVA students & employees*

* After you leave the University, your computing accounts will be deleted and your personal digital certificate will expire. But you can continue to log in through NetBadge to access a limited number of UVA systems (such as UVA Gmail, UVACollab, Oracle, etc.) with your UVA computing ID and password.

UVA Email Accounts

Sending and receiving UVA electronic mail.
Faculty/staff - centralized calendaring available with Office 365.

(View more UVA email info)

faculty, staff, students

  • Request a UVA email account
    • Students/alumni: UVA Gmail or Vmail
    • Faculty/staff: ITS-provided Office 365. (Note: Health System, Darden, McIntire, Law, and some other schools/departments provide accounts on their own systems.)


The Student Information System enables students to manage their admissions application, apply for financial aid, search for and enroll in classes, track their academic progress, request unofficial transcripts, and view grades

(View more SIS info)

faculty, staff, students; applicants for admission to UVA

  • Automatically granted
  • Simply log into SIS through NetBadge


Course management, online collaborations, and personal file storage through My Workspace

(View more UVACollab info)

faculty, staff, students


Cloud-based storage (1 TB) and collaboration service

(View more UVA Box info)

Agency 207 faculty & staff, degree-seeking UVA students

ITS-Provided Office 365

Sending and receiving University email and accessing UVA’s centralized calendar and shared resources such as conference rooms, via Office 365. Shared email accounts by request.

(View Office 365 info)

faculty, staff

  • Request an Office 365 account
  • Your password is your UVA password
  • Call the UVA Help Desk for help managing Office 365 services.
  • Departments should also call the Help Desk to request accounts for student employees who may be managing resources or need access to shared Office 365 mailboxes.
  • Faculty and staff in Darden, McIntire, Law, and Health System are not eligible for these accounts.

Eservices (Legacy Name)

For network printing, ITS-provided Office 365, login to computing lab and library computers, the UVA Hive, Premium Server clients, administrative operations, SharePoint

faculty, staff, contractors, students

The UVA Hive

For accessing UVA-licensed, specialized software programs from virtually anywhere, via the Internet

(View more Hive info)

faculty, staff, students

  • Your Hive password is your UVA password
  • Call the UVA Help Desk for help managing your UVA password

Research Computing Systems

For computation / memory intensive research-related programs on the high-performance computing clusters

faculty, staff; grad students require a PI

SharePoint Online (Office 365)

Office 365 service for document management and collaboration

(View more SharePoint Online info)

ITS-provided Office 365 users

  • Office 365 account password

Access to Restricted Resources from off-Grounds

Computing Account / What It’s For Affiliation How to Get It

UVaAnywhere & UVaAnywhere-Lite (VPN)

For accessing restricted resources (such as library journals) remotely as if on the UVA network

(View more VPN and VPN Lite info)

faculty, staff, contractors, students

Proxy Server

For accessing restricted resources (such as library journals) remotely/from off-Grounds

(View more Proxy Server info)

faculty, staff, students

VPN for Oracle (Integrated System)

Log into the Cisco VPN client prior to making connections to the Integrated System

(View more VPN info)

faculty and staff only

Accounts for Hosting Websites/Web Applications

Computing Account / What It’s For Description How to Get It

Home Directory Service

Online file storage for backup copies of your important academic files, and access to personal webpage publishing

(View more Home Directory info)

faculty, staff, undergraduate students

  • Automatically granted. Please Note: Graduate students do not automatically get an HDS account but they may request one.

Faculty Web Server

For websites

faculty; grad students require a faculty sponsor

MySQL server

For dbm2 (Web-enabled database hosting)

faculty, staff, students

Guest Access

For guest access to UVA systems, please email the Information Security Access Management Office (Accounts Office, Carruthers Hall, Rm 233) at

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