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Telephone Services at UVa

Telephone Services Billing

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Telephone System Transition Now Underway: VoIP is coming! (June 2014—December 2015)

Between June 2014 and December 2015, there will be 2 telephone systems in use at UVa. The University has begun the process of transitioning existing Siemens telephone system/ROLM phones (the "legacy" phone system) to the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system and phones (the "new" University Telephone System). Approximately 26,000 phone lines from both the academic and medical center sides will be migrated between now and December 2015.

Legacy Telephone Website | New University Telephone System Website

General Telephone Billing Information for Students

Payments for telecommunication services will be due by the second Tuesday of each month (except December). Any account not paid within 45 days will be deactivated. A fee of $15 will be charged to reactivate any service that has been disconnected due to non-payment. Reconnection fees and all outstanding balances must be paid in full before a service is restored. At 60 days past due an account is considered delinquent. A hold notice will be forwarded to the Student Financial Services Office at that time preventing the customer's class registration, receipt of diploma, release of transcripts, etc., until full payment is made for the past-due account. The entire account balance must be paid before the "hold" is released.

Other billing-related items you should be aware of:

  • Billing calls to residence hall phones is prohibited. If you are on the University phone system you may not bill any call directly to your residence hall telephone number (e.g., accepting collect calls, third-party calls, etc.) since the residence hall telephone numbers are in many instances shared. For each call billed to a residence hall phone, the student who incurred the bill will be charged the cost of the call plus a handling fee of $10.00.
  • Relocation and disconnection of U.Va. telephones. University telephones must not be removed from their installed locations. A time-and-materials charge will be assessed whenever a phone is damaged by unauthorized relocation. Your telephone will not work off-Grounds or in other student rooms not served by the University. You should not disconnect your telephone for any reason. If you need to unplug the instrument, please contact the Trouble Reporting Desk at (434) 924-8600 before doing so.
  • Replacing stolen or damaged phones. Students will be billed $70 (for a 312-series phone) or $157 (for a 120-series phone) to replace stolen phones or instruments that have been damaged beyond repair. No instrument will be replaced until the responsible student files an incident report with the Operations Department of the Housing Division.
  • Customer-incurred damages. A time-and-materials charge will be billed for any damages or service problems caused by a customer. The current labor fee is $125 for the first hour (one hour minimum) and $125 for each hour thereafter, billable in 15 minute increments. This fee is subject to change without notice.
  • Service call appointments. If you should ever need a service call, the technician will make an appointment with you and will arrive within a few minutes of the scheduled time. If no one is at the building entrance when he or she arrives, the technician will wait for 15 minutes. After the 15 minute period, the technician will leave and contact you later to make another appointment. An $80 fee will be assessed for each missed appointment.
  • Abuse of telephone services. The University will exercise the right to prosecute anyone who abuses or fraudulently uses telecommunication services. Abuse of services includes: obtaining, attempting to obtain, or assisting another to obtain long-distance service by rearranging, tampering with, or connecting to any facilities (telephone, data, or video, including wiring) with intent to avoid payment of the regular charge for such service. Fraudulent use of the telephone system by anyone will not be tolerated. Fraudulent calls will be traced, and offenders will be identified and turned over to the proper University authorities for disciplinary action. You are responsible for your PIN, and you should protect it in the same manner you would a credit card. Do not share it with roommates or leave it around where others can see it. We suggest that you protect your telephone, along with your other valuables, by locking your room when it is unoccupied.

Other regulations apply to long distance service and your PIN. Please see "Long Distance Telephone Service" for more information.

You may also email your billing inquiries to

General Telephone Billing Information for Faculty, Staff, and Departments

PTAO access must first be granted by Communication Services before retrieval of information from the Communication Services' eStatements' website.

The following applies to telephone service billing for University departments:

  1. No later than September of each year all non-Sponsored Program accounts will be billed, for the fiscal year in advance, for all equipment on the billing system database as of the previous June 30. Sponsored Program accounts will be billed for equipment and services on a monthly basis.
  2. Long distance bills for all accounts will be issued monthly. Operator-assisted calls and calling card transactions placed from the University will not list the actual extension number as the originating number; instead, you will see one of the University's two main billing numbers, 977-2099 or 295-4370 as the number from which those calls were placed.
  3. Each long distance statement will normally reflect directly dialed long distance calls made between the first and last days of the previous month. Charges for operator-assisted calls may take longer to appear on your statement as their application is dependent upon receipt of information from various long distance carriers.
  4. If your department needs to change the account code to which telephone service (either local or long distance) is being billed, you should send written authorization to Communication Services, Carruthers Hall and include the following information: a) telephone and/or FAC number(s), b) current account code, c) new account code, and d) contact name and number. Changes received prior to the 10th of any month will be effective that same month; changes received after the 10th will be reflected in the following month's statements.
  5. Should you have any questions concerning your account, please contact Communication Services at 4-4148 within 30 days of receipt of the bill.
  6. An important reminder: University employees are not allowed to place personal long distance calls with their Forced Authorization Codes. To do so violates policies established by both the University and the Commonwealth's Department of Information Technology. Anyone needing to place a personal long distance call during work hours should use his/her personal calling card, reverse the charges, or bill the call to his/her home telephone number.
  7. Disputed Calls: If you feel you were incorrectly billed for a particular call, you must notify Communication Services at 4-4148 within 30 calendar days of receipt of the bill. Copies of statements containing suspected fraudulent transactions should be sent by the department to Communication Services, the Internal Audit Department, the Office of Risk and Insurance Management, and the University Police. All such calls will be investigated and appropriate disciplinary and/or legal action will be taken by the University.
  8. Other Billable Calls and Services
    • The "billing clock" for directly dialed long distance calls begins 10 seconds after you input the last digit of the number to be dialed. You will be charged for a one minute call for any transactions that reach busy signals or go unanswered. You will not receive credit for these calls.
    • Charges for directory assistance calls will be billed to the user telephone number, as billed by the Telephone Companies: Local: $0.29; Long Distance: $0.65
  9. Moves, Adds, and Changes
    • Contact your departmental Telephone Counselor if you need to add a new telephone or move/change/remove an existing one. Your Counselor has the appropriate forms to place an order with Communication Services.
    • Approved Communication Service Requests (CSRs) are picked up by ROLM from Communication Services' Carruthers Hall offices at noon on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. Requests involving 5 or fewer items will then be completed within 5 working days; requests for 6 to 16 items will be completed within 7 working days; due dates for requests involving more than 16 items will be negotiable.
    • Your ROLMphone should not be disconnected for any reason. If you have a need to unplug your phone, please contact ROLM Repair at 4-8600.
    • University telephones should not be removed from their assigned locations. A time and materials charge will apply for damage caused by unauthorized relocations. ROLMphones will not work off-Grounds.
    • Telephone inventory numbers will be checked on a routine basis. A time and materials charge will apply for identifying moved equipment. Missing equipment will be reported to the University Police. In cases of damaged or removed telephones, departments will be charged for the cost of repair and/or replacement.
  10. Restrictions on Use: The cable plant is University telecommunications property and is not intended for discretionary use. Unauthorized use, such as making connections with any telephone, data, or video facilities, including wiring, is prohibited; it jeopardizes the integrity of the system. UVa will exercise the right to prosecute anyone who abuses and/or fraudulently uses telecommunications services.

You may also email your billing inquiries to

Telephone Rates

Rates for the following services provided by Communication Services - domestic and international long distance, equipment (telephones, data, accessories), installation services, automatic call distribution and more are available online.

UVa Policy Governing Long-Distance Telephone Charges and Calling Cards

Long-distance charges are governed by UVa policy IRM-005, "Long-distance Telephone Charges and Calling Cards."

All other telephone questions may be emailed to

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