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Email for Students & Alumni (Gmail)

UVA Gmail Alumni Info

If you leave the University before you graduate, you forfeit all of your UVA email. Otherwise, find your graduating class year below for complete alumni primary and additional email address (i.e., alias) information.

Graduation Year Email & Alias Info
Class of 2006 & Later
  • You get to keep your UVA Gmail account ( when you graduate. Your messages and folders will be preserved. Once you are no longer a student, the only difference you will notice is that your account will display advertisements beside your messages.
  • You can keep up to 2 aliases ( when you graduate.
  • If you wish to have an “” address, you must register for Vmail with HoosOnline.
Class of 2005 & Earlier

Need to delete your account?

UVA can make your account inactive, if needed. If you would like it deactivated, please email, explaining that you want your account deactivated.

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