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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UVA Gmail

About UVA Gmail Accounts

Accessing UVA Gmail

Answers to FAQs about UVA Gmail

About UVA Gmail Accounts

What exactly is my UVA email address?

Your primary UVA email address is your UVA computing (e.g., You’re also automatically given your computing ID followed by (e.g., You may use these two “primary” addresses interchangeably.

If you like, you may also have up to two email aliases – e.g., and – for a total of up to four University email addresses.

What is my UVA email password? I lost my email password; how do I retrieve it?

The answers to these questions depend on how you access your UVA email.

Do all students at UVA have email accounts provided by UVA Gmail?

All UVA students (except for students at UVA schools that provide student accounts on their own servers, such as Darden and Commerce) have University email accounts provided by the UVA-contracted vendor, Google. Other schools and entities may make their own decisions about student email; check with your school if you have questions.

Are faculty and staff allowed UVA email accounts with UVA Gmail?

UVA Gmail accounts are primarily offered to students. However, accounts are also available to faculty and staff who provide technical support to students.

Can I consolidate my personal (non-UVA) email account and my UVA email account, or set a forward from one to the other?

While there is no way for personal accounts to be merged with University accounts, you can consolidate your accounts. Please use the online help provided by Google Mail Support. Or, another option is to forward your University email messages to your personal email account. To do this:

  1. Use UVA's Email Address Management System (AMS) to add your personal email account as a deliverable address, then,
  2. Use the AMS to set a forward directing your University email to your personal email account (Step #8 in the "add your personal email account as a deliverable address" link above).

However, you cannot be logged into more than one Google account at a time in the same Web browser.

Accessing UVA Gmail

How do I access my UVA Gmail on the Web?

To check your UVA Gmail account ending in “,” you can:

  • Log in to your UVA Gmail account through NetBadge, or,
  • Go directly to or But, to do that, you must:
    1. Enter your username as your complete UVA email address with (e.g.,, not just mst3k); and,
    2. Leave the password field blank; and then,
    3. Log in through NetBadge as usual, before you are redirected back to Google.

To check your UVA Vmail account ending in “,” go to Vmail with HoosOnline.

How do I access my UVA Gmail on a mobile device?

To configure your smartphone or mobile device to read your UVA Gmail account:

  1. Download the free, official Gmail app for your mobile device. *Note: This is not the "Inbox by Gmail" app - that app is not supported by UVA Gmail.
  2. Follow the Gmail app’s prompts to log in to UVA Gmail as you usually do, through NetBadge.

Troubleshooting: If this doesn’t work, or if your do not have an official Google email app installed, follow the same instructions on your mobile device as you would if accessing your account via POP/IMAP on your computer (see below).

How do I access my UVA Gmail with an email program on a computer (via IMAP)?
  1. Enable IMAP in your UVA Gmail account:
    • Log in to your UVA Gmail account through NetBadge.
    • Click the gear icon at the top right of the page and select Settings.
    • Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
    • Enable IMAP.
    • Click the Save Changes button.
  2. Set a password directly with Google for IMAP access:
    • Log in to your UVA Gmail account through NetBadge.
    • Click your email address in the upper right corner, and select account.
    • Click Password under the "Signing in" section to reset your existing UVA Gmail password to a secure password of your choosing.
  3. Insert the appropriate UVA Gmail IMAP settings into your device’s email configuration screen. (If you need help, Gmail's Help provides detailed instructions for other mail clients).
Why can’t I access all the Google Apps with my UVA Gmail account?

The University of Virginia, as a state institution, must comply with rules and regulations that restrict which Apps can be made available through UVA Gmail. As a result, UVA Gmail does not currently offer access to all the Google Apps offered through free, personal Gmail accounts. UVA currently supports Gmail, Contacts, Drive and Docs, Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Talk (which is not Hangouts), and Video (which is not YouTube). Messenger is not part of our contract.

This also means that your Google bar will have fewer Apps displayed on it when you are logged into UVA Gmail, as it only displays applications available for use with the active account.

When I send a message to myself from my UVA Google account to my UVA alias address, it never appears in my UVA Gmail Inbox. How do I fix that and access the message?

To make messages sent to your UVA email alias appear in your UVA Gmail Inbox:

  1. Log in to your UVA Gmail account through NetBadge.
  2. Click the gear icon at the top right of the page and select Settings.
  3. Click the Accounts link.
  4. In the Send Email As: section, click Add another email address you own.
  5. Follow the instructions provided to add your email alias address to UVA Gmail.

Note: If you have more than one UVA email alias, you will need to do the above for each alias that you have.

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