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Identity Management at UVa

In-Person ID Verification & Security Questions

First: Acceptable Documents — What to Take to Your ID Verification

Proof of Identity Required: Show your UVa ID card (don't have one yet?), and one of the following required items:

  • a U.S. Driver’s License or
  • a U.S. Military ID Card or
  • a U.S. Green Card (U.S. Homeland Security Permanent Resident card) or
  • Any government-issued passport book.

Acceptable documents for proof of identity: Photo of passport & driver's licenseSample UVa ID card

Once you show your documents, you will receive a PassPhrase. Do not lose this! (Lost it?) You will need it to complete the next step in your ID verification process.

Next: Where to Go for ID Verification

If you have... So you need... Then go to...
Neither a UVa ID Card nor a PassPhrase
(and you are not affiliated with any of the below entities*)
            UVa ID and PassPhrase
         card image
  • To get both a new University ID card & PassPhrase for the first time (new undergrads usually do this during Summer Orientation)
University ID Card Office
O-Hill Dining Hall, lower level

525 McCormick Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903
8:00am–5:00pm, Mon.-Fri
A University ID card but no PassPhrase,
or you have an account problem
         card image
  • To replace a lost PassPhrase
  • Or get one for the first time
  • Or get your account question answered
ISPRO Access Management
Carruthers Hall, Rm 233

1001 N. Emmet Street
Charlottesville, VA 22903
8:30am–4:00pm, Mon.–Fri.

* For UVa Students & Employees with Specific Affiliations...

If you’re an employee or student in one of these schools or departments that do their own ID verification, go instead to:

UVa Affiliation Your Status... Where to Go...
School of Law New & Current Students & Employees Withers-Brown Hall, Room 399
8:30 AM–4:30 PM, Mon.–Fri.
School of Medicine or
Medical Center
New & Current Employees Health Sciences Library circulation desk
9:00 AM–12:00 PM, Tues. or Thurs.
School of Nursing New & Current Students Health Sciences Library circulation desk
9:00 AM–12:00 PM, Tues. or Thurs.
or the Nursing School Help Desk
New & Current Employees Nursing School Help Desk
Darden School of Business New & Current Students & Employees Darden Computing Service Desk
Commerce School New & Current Students & Employees McIntire School Help Desk
Facilities Management New & Current Employees Facilities Management Help Desk

Completing Your UVa ID Verification Process

  1. Once you show your documents for proof of identity, you will receive your PassPhrase.

    Your UVa Account Setup PassPhrase is a unique combo of letters & numbers on a white slip of paper with some instructions attached.

  1. Visit the URL listed on the instructions included with your PassPhrase. For your security, do not do this on a public computer, nor a public, free Wi-Fi network. You’ll need to:
  2. Follow prompts to set your 4 personal security questions and answers.
    • Think carefully as you select these. Pick questions for which you easily know the answer, but others do not.
    • Note that the answers to your security questions must be longer than 4 characters.
  3. Establish your Permanent UVa password. You will have the opportunity to:
    • Accept a suggested password that is automatically generated for you; or
    • Re-enter the password you already use for NetBadge to set it as Permanent, or
    • Create your own strong password that meets the security requirements.
    By default, your UVa passwords are now all synchronized, and you are now able to reset and sync your UVa passwords if ever required via the Manage Your Passwords & Personal Security Questions tool. You can also access websites protected by Enhanced NetBadge, if ever needed in the future.

Congratulations, you’re done! Do not destroy your PassPhrase until you are sure you will remember your Permanent password.

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