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ITS-Supported Classrooms and Software

Non-ITS Labs with ITS-Supported Software

Following is a list of Non-ITS labs with ITS-supported software. Click on a facility name to get information about resources available there.
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Facility Location Phone Hours of Operation Notes
Alderman 301n/aLibrary Hoursn/a
Alderman 401 - Circulationn/aLibrary Hoursn/a
Alderman 408 - Alderman Referencen/aLibrary Hoursn/a
Alderman 419n/aLibrary Hoursn/a
Alderman 423 - Scholars Labn/aLibrary Hoursn/a
Alderman 423 - Scholars Lab/Classroom982-2630library hoursn/a
Campbell 255n/an/an/a
Campbell - Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library 261n/aLibrary Hoursn/a
Clark 140 - Libraryn/aLibrary Hoursn/a
Clemons 201n/aLibrary Hoursn/a
Clemons 320n/an/an/a
Clemons 321n/aLibrary Hoursn/a
Clemons 322An/aLibrary Hoursn/a
Clemons 322Bn/aLibrary Hoursn/a
Clemons 401n/aLibrary Hoursn/a
Clemons 407n/aLibrary Hoursn/a
Kerchof Hall 107n/an/an/a
Old Cabell Hall 001 - Music Libraryn/an/an/a
Physics 323n/aLibrary Hoursn/a

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