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Password Manager (LastPass)

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LastPass is a password management tool for both personal and UVA account passwords. It will remember your passwords, autofill login information, and generate new passwords for you.

Review the Best Practices page prior to creating a LastPass account. Support for this tool is provided by LastPass.

More Information about LastPass

  • LastPass makes your online life easier and safer by:
    • Helping you centrally and securely store personal and UVA passwords
    • Storing login information for frequently visited websites
    • Generating strong passwords for new accounts
    • Offering optional storage of credit card information for quick online transactions
  • All sensitive data is encrypted locally on your device with a key that is not sent to or stored on LastPass servers.
  • LastPass is available to:
    • UVA Academic division faculty, staff, and students
    • UVA Foundation employees with active email accounts
    • UVA alumni with active email accounts

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