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Before requesting a full SharePoint Online site collection, first see whether or not your needs can be met by Groups & Teams.

Each Office 365 Group and Team is fully backed by its own SharePoint Online site collection with many of the same features. You only need to request a SharePoint Online site collection when you require strong top-down organization of your information into a pyramidic site and subsite structure or plan to heavily customize or use advanced features. Basic document sharing and collaboration are easily done in the context of a Group or Team.

Consider requesting a Sharepoint Online site collection if you plan to leverage:

  • Content management
  • Customization of HTML/CSS to change look and feel
  • Strong use of permissions and inheritance in multi-site layout
  • A site template other than the default (Publishing site, Communication Site)

For more information about SharePoint Online, visit Microsoft SharePoint Online.

If you would like to request SharePoint Online, please send us email.

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