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ITS Service Changes

How Ongoing/Upcoming Upgrades May Affect You

Below is more detail about ongoing and upcoming changes to ITS services that are likely to impact you:

See also recently completed ITS service changes/upgrades and Student Information System (SIS) Enhancements put in place after student and faculty requests.

Software Removal from ITS UNIX/Linux Mounted File Systems (Jan. 8, 2015)

Affects Applications in /common & /apps Directories

UVa Telephone Directory Is Going Green! (Nov. 2014)

We’re Phasing Out Paper Phonebooks

photo of UVa Telephone Directory

  • Purpose: A significant number of the paper copies of the UVa Telephone Directory actually end up in recycling right after delivery, so this year we’ve made some changes. We’re transitioning away from print to online information, which conserves resources.
  • Impact: For 2014–2015, a limited number of paper copies will be available for special needs. There will be no printed 2015–2016 directory.
    • The University’s 2014–2015 telephone directory is posted on the Web as a PDF in an exact representation of the printed directory. It is searchable and printable.
    • As always, you may also use UVa PeopleSearch to look up members of the University community.

Box Support Retired for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion (Nov. 1, 2014)

Box Also Retiring Support for Sync 3 on All Computers as of June 30, 2015

  • Purpose: Box retired support for its Sync 4 software on Mac Lion (OS X 10.7) computers on November 1, 2014. It is also retiring support for its older Sync 3 desktop synchronization program on all operating systems as of June 30, 2015.
  • Impact: If you connect to your UVa Box account on an older Mac computer (OS X 10.7 Lion or older), see the FAQ, “I have an older Mac computer. Can I still use Box Sync?” to find out your options.
    • On any other operating system, if you still have Box Sync version 3, follow the pop-up reminders to upgrade to Sync 4.

Statement on New Mac Operating System Yosemite at UVa (Oct. 17, 2014)

  • Purpose: Apple has released a new operating system, OS X 10.10 “Yosemite.” This new operating system is currently undergoing testing by UVa ITS.
  • Impact: We recommend not installing Yosemite on UVa machines until the services you need are listed as “Supported” on the Yosemite Status & Availability of Software & Support page.

More Robust WiFi Coming to UVa Grounds (2014-2015)

The University’s Wireless Infrastructure Is Being Upgraded


New Telephone System for UVa Faculty & Staff (Jan. 2014-Dec. 2015)

Replacement System Features Robust Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

  • Purpose: The existing voice communication infrastructure, originally installed in 1996, is outdated and expensive to maintain. It also lacks the capabilities of the current generation voice technology systems that UVa needs to handle our advanced communication requirements. The University (both academic and medical center sides) will replace the old communication infrastructure with a modern standards-based system using proven technology while providing enhanced functionality for us all.
  • Impact:
    • 26,000 lines will be migrated over 16 months
    • 20,000 telephones will be replaced
    • 6,000 analog lines will be migrated (Fax, Emergency, Elevator)
  • Existing telephone numbers will be retained
  • Ability to use abbreviated 5-digit dialing sequence when on Grounds remains
  • New voicemail will replace the current Xpressions

More information is available on the VoIP website. Questions and comments may be sent to

The Storage Refresh Project (Fall 2013-Spring 2015)

New Consolidated Enterprise Storage System to Replace Existing Multiple & Outdated Storage Options

  • Purpose: The Storage Refresh Project’s goal is to provide a new storage infrastructure that will offer the University community the flexibility to select a storage option customized for specific data needs, depending upon factors such as:
    • space and disk speeds,
    • storage connection type,
    • integration with other network infrastructures, plus
    • content mirroring and other security requirements.
  • Impact: Data stored on the current storage systems must be migrated to the new architecture, so planned downtimes are required. Project updates are posted on a monthly basis. The designated service owners or primary contact/business owners for impacted systems have been and continue to be contacted. Off-Grounds access to Home Directory requires the VPN for greater security.

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