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ITS Service Changes

How Ongoing/Upcoming Upgrades May Affect You

Below is more detail about ongoing and upcoming changes to ITS services that are likely to impact you:

See also recently completed ITS service changes/upgrades.

Quicktime Streaming Server Retirement (Aug. 10, 2018)

  • Purpose: ITS is retiring our Quicktime streaming service used to deliver video content. Apple last updated its Quicktime client software in 2016 and has ceased any further development of the product; ITS Quicktime streaming service use has declined significantly as other platforms, like YouTube, are better suited to video delivery.
  • Impact: All users hosting content on the server were alerted of the retirement several months ago and have deleted or transitioned their content to other platforms. There has been no activity on the streaming service since mid-July. The server will be decommissioned on Friday, August 10, 2018.
    • Note: this does not affect the use of the Quicktime client used to view videos on individual workstations.

SharePoint 2010 Decommissioning (July 31, 2018)

Sites Can Be Reprovisioned on Request in SharePoint Online

  • Purpose: With the ITS-provided Office 365 product suite now in place for UVA faculty and staff, the old SharePoint 2010 (on-prem) servers will be turned off on Tuesday, July 31, 2018.
  • Impact: On July 31, all unclaimed SharePoint 2010 (on-prem) sites will removed. If you have a SharePoint 2010 site that needs to be claimed, please contact the ITS Help Desk prior to July 31. New SharePoint site requests will be provisioned in SharePoint Online via the ITS-provided Office 365 environment, and can be requested by contacting the ITS Help Desk.

Security Awareness Training: Updated Tutorial & Requirements (July 10, 2018)

  • Purpose:
    • Completing UVA's Information Technology Security Awareness (ITSA) Tutorial (Responsible Computing Tutorial for Faculty & Staff) is now an annual requirement for all faculty, staff, student employees, and other non-student users, as part of the revised IRM-002 — Acceptable Use of the University's Information Technology Resources policy.
    • The ITSA Tutorial has also been updated to accomodate UVA's new information policies, standards, and procedures.
  • Impact:
    • Beginning July 10, 2018, "one-month reminder" emails will be sent to faculty, staff, student employees, and other non-student users who have not completed their ITSA for 2018. Emails will be sent in waves throughout the rest of this year, determined by one's hire month. New employees hired on or after July 10, 2018 will receive an email reminder on the day they claim their UVA account, giving them 14 days to complete the ITSA. Additional reminder messages will be sent if the ITSA is not completed.
    • Joint VPN (JVPN) and High Security VPN (HSVPN) users will lose their JVPN/HSVPN access if they do not complete the ITSA by the deadline provided. They will have to complete the ITSA and contact Access Management to reinstate access. New hires will not be granted JVPN/HSVPN access until they complete the ITSA.

New Self-Service Identity & Access Management Portal Goes Live (June 25, 2018)

New Self-Service Portal Makes Identity Management Easier

LDAP Attribute Changes Coming (June 25, 2018)

Accompany Rollout of New Identity & Access Management System

  • Purpose: As part of the rollout of the new Identity & Access Management System at UVA, some public and private LDAP and Eservices Active Directory (AD) changes will go into effect on Monday, June 25, 2018.
  • Impact: A select number of public and private LDAP values as well as Eservices Active Directory (AD) and PeopleSearch values will either be deprecated or modified as of June 25. This will have an effect on applications which use these attributes. Please see the LDAP Attribute Changes Chart for the list of changes.

Registered Email Address Update for Users of ITS-Provided Office 365 (May 24, 2018)

Correct Address of to Appear in UVA People Search

  • Purpose: Effective May 24, 2018, the deliverable address displayed as "registered email address" in the online UVA People Search will be changed for all users of ITS-provided Office 365 email. During the migration to Office 365, it was necessary to leave the address shown as Now that the migration is completed, ITS will fix the display to show the correct address, which is
  • Impact: This will have no impact on mail routing.

If you have questions regarding this change, please contact the UVA Help Desk.

CLDAP Port Blocking (May 17, 2018)

Network Configuration Update Removes Security Vulnerability

  • Purpose: On May 17, UVA will update its network configuration to block access to a security vulnerability that has the potential for a distributed denial-of-service attack. After this date, it will not be possible to access the CLDAP port (udp/389) from off-Grounds.
  • Impact: This update should not impact the majority of the University's computing devices. It may impact vendor-provided devices for which the configuration is not fully known. For more information about this vulnerability, please see

Contact Information Security via email if you have questions.

Office 365 File Sharing Made Easier (May 17, 2018)

Affects HSTS, Law, McIntire, & Darden Office 365 Users & UVA Gmail Users

  • Purpose: On May 17, 2018, ITS is changing the User Principal Name (UPN) for UVA Gmail users and HSTS, Law, McIntire, and Darden Office 365 tenant users.
  • Impact: Prior to May 17, 2018, when someone with a non-ITS provided Office 365 account — those in the Health System, Law, Darden or McIntire Office 365 tenants or UVA Gmail — received files from someone with ITS-provided Office 365 via OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Groups, or Teams, they had to sign in using and their Eservices password.
    • Starting May 17, HSTS, Darden, McIntire, and Law Office 365 users and UVA Gmail users should sign in to shared Office 365 files using (password does not change).
    • If you do not have ITS-provided Office 365 and have trouble accessing previously shared documents, or links to Groups or Teams, have the person with ITS-provided Office 365 re-share the file.

If you have questions regarding this change, please contact the UVA Help Desk.

UPDATED! Support Updates for Mac and Windows OSes

OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11, Windows 8.1 User Support to End Aug. 1, 2018

  • Purpose: ITS's goal is to support the most current release of an operating system and the (one) previous release. This means:
    • ITS will no longer be testing versions of new software on Macintosh systems running OS X, versions 10.10 (Yosemite) and 10.11 (El Capitan), and will be ending user support of these platforms on Aug. 1, 2018.
    • ITS will no longer be testing versions of new software on Windows systems running version 8.1, and will be ending user support of this platform on Aug. 1, 2018. [Note - this is a change: In late March, ITS announced that we would be ending our support of Windows 7 on August 1, 2018. Based on a request from the LSP Steering Committee, complete with supporting data that Windows 8.1 is installed on a very small number of PCs, that it also has a straightforward upgrade path to Windows 10 with excellent compatibility, and that the steering committee has already communicated with affected LSPs due to the shortened notice period, ITS will instead sunset our support of Windows 8.1 on August 1, 2018. We will continue to support Windows 7 until future notice.]
  • Impact: After Aug. 1, 2018, downloads will no longer be available for these platforms from the UVA Software Gateway. If there is software you use now on these systems, please download and save a copy of the installer. You can also use an external drive or cloud storage for the copy in case you need to rebuild your computer.
    ITS recommends you upgrade your Mac to at least Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra) or Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra) if your hardware and usage demands will allow it. If you have a Windows 8.1 machine, we recommend upgrading to Windows 10.
    If your school's help desk or your department's LSP maintains your computer, contact them for questions about when and how best to proceed. If you maintain your own system, contact the UVA Help Desk for more information, in necessary.

If you have questions regarding this change, please contact the UVA Help Desk.

Memcached Port Blocking (March 15, 2018)

Network Configuration Update Removes Security Vulnerability

  • Purpose: On March 15, UVA will update its network configuration to block access to a security vulnerability that has the potential for a distributed denial-of-service attack. After this date, it will not be possible to access the Memcached port (udp/11211) from off-Grounds.
  • Impact: This update should not impact the majority of the University's computing devices. It will mainly affect machines configured to use memcached for high-traffic webserver performance. It may also impact vendor-provided devices for which the configuration is not fully known. For more information about this vulnerability, please see

Contact Information Security via email if you have questions.

ITS to Retire Video over IP Services (March 31, 2018)

LiveStream, UStream, YouTube Live Good Replacements

  • Purpose: On March 31, 2018, ITS will be retiring Video over IP services.
  • Impact: Video streaming services are available online from companies like LiveStream, UStream (IBM Cloud Video), and YouTube Live. If you do not have technical staff in your department, local companies like Heinz ProAV and The AV Company can provide professional audio and video services. ITS does not endorse nor provide support for any of these services; those mentioned above are purely listed as examples.

New Ticketing Tool for UVA Help Desk

Improvements, Minimal Changes to Affect Users

  • Purpose: On Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017 starting at 8:00 AM, a new ticketing system will be used by the UVA Help Desk.
  • Impact: This change should have little or no impact on UVA Help Desk customers and will bring several improvements to our community:
    • An all-new chat system with higher reliability
    • An easier-to-use interface for starting chats
    • Newer, more stable infrastructure
    • Updated user interface and case status emails
    • Future self-service ticket creation and ability to see your current and historic tickets created in the new system

    After the upgrade, you may notice the following:

    • Help Desk tickets (cases) will still be closed out in the former ticketing system for a short period of time.
    • Any replies to existing tickets (cases) will generate a new case email after go-live.
    • The From: address for case emails will change to
    • The status emails (Suggested Solution or Need More Information) will remain largely the same.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the UVA Help Desk Ticketing System change, you may contact the UVA Help Desk.

Changes Coming to ITS System Status

Transitions to new name & location on Nov. 14, 2017

  • Purpose: Information Technology Services' (ITS) Customer Communications group has begun a project to transition ITS' website (ITSWeb) to a new platform that takes advantage of modern technology and increased functionality. On Nov. 14, 2017, ITS System Status — renamed ITS Service Status — will be the first piece of the website migrated to the new platform.
  • Impact: There will be a link to the new ITS Service Status at the top of the current ITSWeb homepage, found in the gray global navigation bar. See images of the new pages at New features include: the option to sign up for email notifications for all ITS services or just the ones you want, and a new display providing an uncluttered, clean layout that's easy to read and shows the status of all ITS services.

SPSS 24 Home Use Version Now Downloadable from UVA Software

License Limit Lifted for UVA Faculty and Students

  • Purpose: Effective August 17, 2017, Information Technology Services (ITS) released SPSS 24 to Faculty and Students for Home Use site-wide. Previously, our license limited us to a total of 240 users of Home Use and you had to request access through Research Software Support.
  • Impact: SPSS 24 for Home Use is a simple download from the UVA Software Gateway. The process is all self-service and the software is free to end users.
    • Home Use allows IBM SPSS to be used by more students and allows faculty to have a copy on their personally owned computer, if needed.
    • Remember that this software is still only to be used for Teaching and Academic Research (not for profit research where the results will be made public) by current students and faculty.

Please email (ITS Departmental Computing Support - licensing, business model, etc.) or (UVA Library Research Software Support - software installation, activation, support) with any questions you may have.

Be Aware: Internet-Connected Printer Vulnerabilities

Off-Grounds Users Will Need to be on VPN to Print

  • Purpose: UVA Information Security has become aware of multiple incidents of unwanted documents being sent to publicly accessible network (i.e., open to the Internet) printers on Grounds. Earlier this year, threats were received via local UVA printers. Although only threats, these messages had to be taken seriously, which took the valuable time and resources of our law enforcement partners. In addition, many other universities have seen propaganda and hate speech messages sent to their open printers. To help protect the University from these types of activities, ITS will begin blocking remote printing ports at the network border on August 21, 2017.
  • Impact: Anyone who prints to on-Grounds printers and is not on the UVA network will first need to connect to one of the UVA VPNs.

If you have any questions, please contact UVA Information Security.

ITS eduroam WiFi Roll Out (July 17-21, 2017)

New WiFi Network Made Available for Visitors from Participating Institutions

  • Purpose: ITS will be rolling out eduroam WiFi to all academic and residential wireless access points during the week of July 17th to 21st. eduroam will allow visitors from participating institutions to obtain guest WiFi access at UVA using their home institution credentials, e.g. certificate or username/password. For more information, please see the ITS eduroam page.
  • Impact: While UVA users have been able to use eduroam at other institutions since last year, the ITS eduroam rollout will now provide WiFi availability to UVA guests visiting from any of the many participating institutions.

ITS Service Portal: Name Change, New Address (June 24, 2017)

Functionality Remains the Same

  • Purpose: ITS's Service Portal, the web-based tool that provides our customers with an easy way to request accounts, storage, and security and records management services, track orders for phones and other equipment, and much more, will be renamed on Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 8AM to Functionality remains the same. There will be an approximately 6-hour downtime associated with the name change and other updates.
  • Impact: The name of our site will change from to A 7-day redirect will be provided; after June 30, you must use the new address of
    • ITSWeb pages will be updated to reflect the new address. If you encounter links to the Service Portal with the old address, please contact ITS.
    • If you have bookmarks set to the old address, please delete them and re-bookmark your favorites.
    • The Service Portal email address will change to, and replies to the old address will not be received or processed after June 30. This includes responses to approval requests.
    • Replies to approval requests and reminders generated after the address change should work as expected.
    • Processing of existing records should not be affected by the change, nor should records history.

LSPs and users of the Service Request Catalog will receive an email from ITS outlining these changes.

UVA Box: New Terms of Service (June 6, 2017) & New Web Interface (June 29, 2017)

TOS Acceptance & Upgrade Required for Box Users

  • Purpose: An update to the UVA Box login page on Tuesday, June 6 has triggered a new "terms of service" acceptance notice that appears when logging in to the UVA Box web user interface. Additionally, ITS will be upgrading UVA Box on Thursday, June 29, to an updated web user interface with increased functionality and a cleaner, more modern layout.
  • Impact:
    • All UVA Box users will need to review and accept the terms of service to resume use of this service. If you are a user of Box apps such as Box Sync, Box for Office, or Box mobile apps, please review and accept the terms of service in order to continue use of these applications and restore connectivity to UVA Box content. Click the "Accept" button to proceed to use UVA Box as usual.
    • All UVA Box users will get a notification (see below) after login, offering them a chance to try out the upgraded Box web interface. They can dismiss the notification, but it will reappear every 3 days until the final upgrade on June 29. All users will be automatically upgraded on June 29.
      New UVA Box interface 
         announcement notification

Legacy UVA Cable TV Retirement (June 30, 2017)

IPTV, Other Options Available

Scan&Score System Retirement (May 31, 2017)

Printing & Copying Services Provides New Solution

  • Purpose: On May 31, 2017, ITS will retire the web-based test scoring system known as Scan&Score. Several years ago, in looking at aging machines, unavailability of replacement parts, and costly maintenance fees, Information Security approached the Provost's Office about finding an alternative.
  • Impact: With the support of the Provost's Office, Printing & Copying Services (PCS) found and tested a new product and implementation by PCS is scheduled for June 1.

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