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UVa Wireless Network

Connecting Unsupported Devices to the Unencrypted Network

This page contains generic setup information that should allow most devices to connect to the UVa wahoo wireless network, which is unencrypted. Due to the large number of aftermarket cards and the difficulty of configuring some operating systems and non-laptop devices, ITS cannot guarantee a successful connection.

Registration Requirement

IMPORTANT: You must register your computer’s wireless card and/or your smartphone or mobile device on the UVa network before you can successfully connect it to a UVa wireless network.


ITS highly recommends that:

Configuring Your Device to Access the wahoo Wireless Network

You must manually configure your device to access UVa’s unencrypted wahoo wireless network.

Make sure you are on Grounds and within range of the wahoo network when you do this, so your computer or device can successfully detect it and connect. (Anywhere you see the cavalier network being broadcast at UVa, the wahoo network is also available, though hidden.) Where appropriate, plug in the following values to establish a connection:

UVa wahoo Wireless Network Configuration Settings
Setting Value
Network Name or SSID wahoo (lowercase)
Network type Infrastructure or AP (not “ad hoc”)
Authentication None/open (but note that Network Registration is required, as noted above)
Encryption None (no WEP or WPA; see security statement)

Page Updated: 2013-01-15