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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about SIS for Faculty

Getting Started & About SIS

Browse/Enroll/Swap/Drop Classes in SIS

Grading in SIS

Additional SIS Resources (Help & Permissions)

Answers to FAQs about SIS for Faculty

Getting Started & About SIS

How do I get started in SIS?
  1. Log in using the SIS Self-Service Portal Login.
  2. Go to your Faculty Center page by clicking the Instructor tab as shown.

    SIS instructor tab

When should I use SIS vs. UVACollab?


Use UVACollab to build your course site, email your class with an easy-to-remember alias, and record grades throughout the semester.


Use SIS to view your class lists, weekly teaching and exam schedules, watch your waitlist, release an advising hold, or grant permission to add and submit final grades.

What Goes Where

Feature SIS Faculty Center UVACollab
View course syllabus ✔ if access is set in UVaCollab
View class lists
Email students in class
View weekly teaching & exam schedules ✔ if provided by instructor
Grant enrollment permissions (for instructor permission classes)  
Wait list functionality  
Submit final grades
Approve final grades (a required step in grade submission)  
Search the course catalog and schedule of classes  
Track test, assignment, exam grades, etc.  
View class photos
Release advising holds  
Email advisees  
View advisee schedule, schedule, transcript & grades  
View advisee academic requirements report  
View advisee directory bio / demographic information  
Can I view a student's transcript in SIS?
You can view an unofficial transcript via the Faculty Center. You can also view grades and statistics term-by-term on the Academics tab of the Student Services Center.

Using SIS for Classes (Browse/Enroll/Swap/Drop)

What do the different enrollment numbers mean on cross-listed classes?
  • The SIS tracks enrollment for combined sections by individual section, and for the combination, allowing departments to set enrollment figures for each section independently as well as overall.
  • Two sets of figures are displayed to show the number of seats available in the particular section, as well as overall.
  • Depending on how the enrollment figures are set, either section may fill first, or the overall enrollment limit may be reached before one section or the other closes.
How do I browse for classes in SIS?
  • To find classes for an upcoming term, use SEARCH FOR CLASSES in your Faculty Center.
  • You must identify at least two search criteria.
  • First select the term.
  • You can enter a particular subject or click on the select subject button to browse a list of subjects. Then, click the Search button to see all open classes within that subject. (Note that "Show Open Classes Only" is a default search criteria; to include wait listed classes, uncheck this box.)
  • The Additional Search Criteria you can search by instructor, keyword, and other criteria without specifying a subject and get results from multiple departments.
  • Enrollment figures are in real-time.
Click here for helpful information for students on enrollment functions — add, drop, swap, edit.
When using Block Enroll, I received a message indicating “Requirement Designation is set to ‘yes’”.  Is this an indication that there was a requirement designation attached to the class?
The requirement designation set to "yes" message appears whenever a student enrolls in a course with a requirement designation. This occurs whether it is a single enrollment request or block enrollment.
What is the best way for a student to swap a dependent discussion or lab while remaining enrolled in the same primary lecture section?
If a student wants to swap a dependent discussion or lab, while remaining enrolled in the same primary lecture section, it is easier to use the “Edit” function rather than the “Swap.”
What if an undergraduate student wants to enroll in a 6000 or higher level course?
The student must complete a Course Action Form and have it signed by the instructor, and processed by the person in their Dean's Office.
Is there a way for a student to drop a discussion if it is changed to be an optional component after the student has already enrolled?
If the class has been set up with required components, students will need to enroll in all required components, and they will not be able to drop individual required components.

If the class has been set up with optional components, students will only be required to enroll for required components. However, if a component is made optional after a student is already enrolled, and the student wants to drop the optional component, then the student must drop all components and re-add the required component. This may lead to complications if the class requires instructor consent for enrollment or if there are students on a waitlist, which will require administrative intervention. In addition, an optional component may still result in a time conflict error with another class if the student remains enrolled in it.

Grading in SIS

How do I enter final grades in SIS?
See: Final Grades in SIS.
How do I make grade changes in SIS?
See: How to Make Grade Changes in SIS.
What are the default grading basis thresholds in UVACollab?
See: SIS Default Grading Basis Thresholds in UVACollab.

Additional SIS Resources (Help & Permissions)

How can I access printable SIS help guides?

All these links open printable SIS help guides in a new browser window:

How can I get help with SISMobile?
Please visit the SISMobile help page for more information.
How do wait lists, permission lists, and ad hoc permission work in SIS?
Please visit the SIS Wait Lists, Permission Lists, & Ad Hoc Permission page for a full list of resources.

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