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Student Information System (SIS)

Making Grade Changes in SIS

Deadlines: Grades for January Term and spring semester may be changed through December 31; grades for summer and fall semesters may be changed through the following May 31.

Usage: The grade change process may be used to change a grade from one grade to another after grades have been submitted.

Note: To change the grading basis, change credits, add or delete students, make changes after the deadlines, or to make changes for non-current students, a paper Grade Change form must be submitted.

How to Change Grades

  1. In your Faculty Center, select the grade roster icon next to the class for which you want to submit a grade change.
  2. On the roster, click on the change grade button next to the student for whom a change is being made.
    • You cannot change the "W" for withdrawn students.
    • You cannot change the grade if the student has graduated or withdrawn, or is otherwise no longer active.
    • You will not see the change grade button if the change deadline has passed.
    • Note: If the change grade column does not appear, click the expand icon at the top of the roster to open up any columns which are hidden by your browser.



    change grade button
  3. Enter the new grade and select a reason for the change. If you select a reason of "Other", you must enter a brief statement explaining why the change is needed.
    • Only grades appropriate for the class grading basis, as appeared on your original grade roster, can be selected.
  4. Click Save. You will see a pop-up confirmation message, and the change request will be forwarded for the required approvals.
    • If the change is denied by one of the approvers, you will receive an email explaining by whom and for what reason the change was denied.
    • Once the change receives its final approval, you and the student will each receive an email informing you that a change has been processed. You will then be able to view the new grade on the grade roster.

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