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Student Information System (SIS)

Applying for Graduation in SIS

To graduate, you must complete any necessary processes required by your school and a graduation application in the SIS.

Not sure whether you have already applied for graduation? Find out how to check the status of your graduation application.

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How to Apply to Graduate in SIS

  1. Open your graduation application. From your Student Center, select Apply for Graduation from the dropdown menu as shown:

    Apply for graduation dropdown

  2. Select your academic program.
    • Note: Receiving 2 degrees in the same semester? Most students will have only one choice, but if you’re a dual-degree student, you’ll have multiple choices. Complete the degree application process twice—once for each degree.
  3. Choose your Expected Graduation Term.
    • If no term displays, the Apply for Graduation process is not available yet.
  4. Verify your primary name (the name that will display on your diploma).
    • If this is not how you wish your name to appear on the diploma, contact UREG.
    • If your name contains special characters not displayed here that you wish to print on the diploma, contact UREG.
  5. Confirm your Diploma Mailing Address.
    • If correct, check the box that says Yes, I have either updated or verified that my Diploma Mailing address is correct.

      Note: You can change the Diploma Mailing address in your Student Center at any time up until a few weeks before graduation.

  6. To add or edit your diploma mailing address:
    • Click Edit.
    • Click Edit to change existing diploma mailing address.

      Note: Any address type check box that remains checked will also be changed unless you uncheck it now.

    • Click Add a New to enter a new address and check the box for address type of Diploma.
    • Click Save.

    Add a new address screen

    Note: You will need to restart your graduation application.

  7. After checking the box to verify your Diploma Mailing address, click Submit Application to complete the process.

    Verify Graduation Data screen

    Note: Remember to complete any additional steps that may be required by your school to graduate.

How to Check Whether You Have Already Applied to Graduate

  • Tip: At any time, you can verify that you are a degree candidate by selecting the Apply for Graduation link in your Student Center to see your current application status, as shown:

    Check the status of your graduation application

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