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Student Information System (SIS)

SISMobile Help

How To Access SIS Mobile

On your phone, tablet, or computer, go to the SIS Portal page and click the SIS Mobile Login button, which is just below the regular SIS Login button. Or, log in directly to SISMobile.

photo of SIS Portal with Mobile login

SIS Mobile works on your computer and smartphone

SIS Mobile Features

SIS Mobile enables current students to do most tasks available in SIS, plus has the additional functionality to:

  • See your daily class schedule and locations on a map and also your exams.
  • Share interesting classes with friends via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Add or drop classes, view your to do list, holds, etc.
  • Check your grades on the go.

SIS Mobile or SIS: Perform Which Tasks Where?

Available Only in SIS Mobile

Available Only in SIS Mobile

Start using the SIS Mobile interface for new features—maps, social media integration, and daily schedule view—plus more:

  • See your daily class schedule & locations on a map
  • Click the embedded “Share” button to let your friends on Facebook & Twitter know what classes look interesting

You can also search for, enroll in, and add/drop/swap classes on the go, quickly check your semester grades, and do lots more in SIS Mobile, as shown below.

Available Only in SIS

Available Only in "Regular" SIS

Continue to use SIS for financial functionality,* academic requirements, and transcripts:

  • Pay your bills
  • View your account
  • View and accept financial aid
  • View your academic requirements
  • View an unofficial transcript

*Financial functionality is in development for SIS Mobile and will be available in the future.

Available in Both SIS and SIS Mobile

You can use either SIS Mobile or SIS to enroll, search for classes, and view grades:

  • View your class schedule
  • View your exam schedule
  • View your grades
  • Search for classes
  • Add classes to your Shopping Cart
  • Enroll in classes
  • Drop and swap classes
  • View your position on a wait list
  • View your holds and to-dos
  • View personal information, update your address

TIP: Switch from SIS Mobile back to SIS by clicking “Full Site” in the navigation.

SIS Mobile Usage Tips

Class Search or Course Catalog?

  • Class Search enables you to search for classes by term and enroll.
  • Course Catalog shows all classes, even those not currently offered.

Class Search and Course Catalog

Where Exactly Is My Class?

View a map with your class building. Click on your class and scroll to the Room link as shown.

Map of Class Building

How Do I Preview Next Semester’s Schedule?

See your schedule of next semester's classes. Navigate to Schedule and select the Gear icon as shown.

  • For List view: Select “List by Term” and the term.
  • For Calendar view: Select “Month” and scroll to the first day of class.
Schedule Gear Icon

  Page Updated: 2018-03-01